• Connector Street

Connector Street in the Sun

With Connector Street, making new connections is easier than ever. Now that summer is upon us, here a few fun situations to flaunt your match-making skills in the sun:

The July 4th Block Party

You’ve just moved to a new area, and don’t know anyone. While walking your dog, you meet Holly, who lives a few houses down. She uses her Connector Street app, and introduces you to her pals. By the time July rolls around, you have a great squad to watch the fireworks with.

At the Beach

Even in the salty waves, your friend, Daisy, still has perfect hair, and you want to know where she got it done! With a few clicks on Connector Street, Daisy introduces you to her stylist, and now you have the best bob on the boardwalk.

Getting Ice Cream

You’re getting ice cream to beat the heat with your friends, and you order your favorite flavor: Rocky Road. Your friend suddenly remembers that his close friend, Rocky, is single and thinks the two of you could be great together. He uses his handy dandy Connector Street, and soon you and Rocky are sharing a milkshake with two straws.

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