Connector Street For Enterprise

  Connector Street is a system for making, tracking, and managing intros and referrals.

Use the Connector Street app to increase your network and do more business:


  • Make more introductions and increase your sphere of influence

  • Aggregate the intros/referrals you make in one place for easy follow up

  • Gain important insight into whether your introductions lead to new business

  • Quantify the value of your introductions.



Connector Street lets you make intros right in the moment. The two people you connect don’t need to have the app. Once they open your intro message, they can start emailing and texting each other right away.


The app sends follow up messages to both people to see if they connected and how the intro went. This feature gives you valuable tracking data on how many of your introductions result in a fruitful connection.

Connector Street gives you access to the app’s dashboard so
you can add your logo and branding to every intro that you make. Plus, the dashboard aggregates all of your intros and related data, for reporting and analytics.

Download Connector Street for free from Google Play and the App Store.


For more information contact Andrea Tinianow at